Thursday, January 31, 2013

God, how did I miss this? Brandi Glanville calls LeAnn Rimes "the little tramp" on Jay Leno

To see the video, click HERE!

Kris Jenner makes Us Weekly bow down

So, if you're Us Weekly mag and you want to cover Kim Kardashian's baby shower, and Kourtney Kardashian's bikini body pics and story, it means you have to do articles that no one cares about that promote that other Kardashian ---Rob.
Does anyone care about this loser? NO, but madam Kris Jenner makes the mags do fluff pieces on this half-wit if they want to get the good stuff on her prize pigs.
Is there anyone out there that even wants to know ONE thing about Rob Kardashian?
Well, here's some REAL facts:
1. My father, attorney Robert Kardashian Sr helped OJ Simpson get away with killing his ex-wife and a young waiter during the 'trial of the century' in 1995.
2. My family fakes everything on their reality show, including duping a dumb basketball player named Kris Humphries into marrying my sister Kim on TV so our family could literally rake in the cash.
3. My sister Kim and my mom inked a seven figure deal on the release of her sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J Norwood.
4. I have a sock line at Neiman Marcus where they sell for $30 a pop, I just put my name on them because my mom Kris wanted me to be doing something, anything for a living.
5. I lied about going to law school.

We could go on, but just the name Robert Kardashian sends us to snoozeville...

Never seen before photo: Does this look like LeAnn Rimes is just "saying goodbye" after a casual lunch???

This is a never seen before photo of a clearly distraught LeAnn Rimes leaving lunch at Hugo's restaurant in Valley Village, Ca., on January 28, 2013.
Yes, an image from the "I was not crying" set.
What Horsey doesn't realize is that the media usually latches on to a few favorite frames and runs them ad-nauseum, so her rep looking at those pics makes up a lie based on those one or two images.
Does this look like someone who was happily sending her blow up doll pal "Lizzie" off to her car after sneezing in her face?
Bad news for Horsey, there are about 19 more never seen before frames besides this one...Oh yeah, and why wasn't Horsey wearing her wedding ring? We thought she had it soldered on!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

LeAnn Rimes' website undergoes cyber vaginal rejuvenation, copying Brandi Glanville once again

We all know LeAnn Rimes loves to copy Brandi Glanville, so it shouldn't come as a shock that on the same day it was revealed that Brandi Glanville got plastic surgery on her "kuka," copycat Rimes' website was out of commission, undergoing what we can only assume is sort of a cyber vaginal rejuvenation.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"The Lady doth protest too much, methinks"

A quote from Shakespeare's Hamlet seems appropriate here. LeAnn Rimes was so intent on convincing her "fans" she wasn't in a dour mood yesterday she inadvertently blasted out the same tweet 3x...(We're sure William Shakespeare would not have called the washed up country crooner a "Lady," but give us a bit of poetic license here)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Photoshop magic from twitter star WilliamBernard1

TRUE dat

Countdown to LeAnn Rimes' head shaving meltdown in front of 100 paps

Somewhere there's a hair salon that's keeping staff working until midnight waiting for crazy LeAnn Rimes' epic hair shaving episode...

Look who's sad and distraught the day Brandi Glanville's book comes out?

Horsey of course, and Radaronline calls her out on it...To read the article, click HERE! Brandi Glanville's book doesn't come out until February 12, but she did have a book signing in West Hollywood that night that drew hundreds of fans and paparazzi. Karma's a bitch Horsey!

Worst casting ever: Eddie Cibrian as Joseph?

Yes, Eddie Cibrian played the famed Biblical favorite son Joseph, he of the coat of many colors, in the 2000 NBC mini-series "In The Beginning..." Exposarazzi caught some of it on re-run the other day and let's just say Eddie's acting skills left no doubt as to why he's currently outta work

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The scariest thing we've heard in a long time: Teen Mom 1's Gary Shirley is in nursing school

TMZ reported that Gary is being evicted from his rental home for non-payment of rent, having blown through his Teen Mom money. But we found the scariest element of this story is learning that the obese walrus is currently enrolled in nursing school...Guess his "Gary Time" t-shirt line isn't doing well

Friday, January 25, 2013

Flashback Friday: Adnan Ghalib, the pap who scaled Mt Everest

Well, not really, more of a metaphorical Mt Everest, but Adnan Ghalib did achieve some greatness in his time, a paparazzi dream come true, he dated Britney Spears for about four months (end of 2007 to March of 2008).
For years, big talker/liar Adnan would brag that he could get celebs on the phone, "Let me call Ben [Affleck], I'll see if he wants to do something today," meaning staged pics. Needless to say, Ben, Mariah, Jessica Simpson, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt,  never picked up the phone.
The dapper Adnan from Afghanistan with the British accent would throw out all kinds of big names, and the paps would laugh and laugh and mock him behind his back.
Then one day the lies became the truth when he helped Britney Spears escape a crush of paps when she tried to walk out of a gas station restroom --and the rest was history.
Suddenly the big talker was really doing something big-- Britney Spears!
The paps were all green with envy.
And the staged set ups were appropriately hilarious. 
One "Finalpixx" set had Adnan and Britney looking at pregnancy tests at night in a CVS store-- that was an Exposrazzi favorite.
The romance didn't end well. 
In fact, it ended in restraining orders and hit and run accidents, but it's worth looking back and remembering the pap who invaded the inner circle and actually dated the celeb.
It's worth noting that Finalpixx never had a set again after Adnan left the Britney building...

LeAnn Rimes "bikini bombs" ET stylist Mary Alice Haney

ET wanted to update Horsey's fashion sense out of her 'streetwalker chic' rut, so they sent out stylist Mary Alice Haney to her Hidden Hills rental home. Imagine her surprise when the mentally ill exhibitionist LeAnn came around the corner in a bikini! Her explanation? "Well, everyone thinks I walk around in a bikini all day, I might as well!"
Imagine our surprise when we saw pap "Big Head" hiding in her closet, camera ready, behind her Ferragamo shoe section!
Poor Mary Alice, she probably asked for overtime pay for this makeover madness!
Somewhere Sigmund Freud is scratching his head going, "Diese Frau ist verr├╝ckt!" or translated,"This woman is NUTS!"

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Still no comments on Holly Madison's pregnancy from either Kendra Wilkinson or Bridget Marquardt

Jealous--much? STILL Not a peep via Twitter or any other medium to congratulate Holly on her upcoming visit from the stork from her former BFFs.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

There's hope in sight: Kourtney & Kim "take" Miami premiere TANKS in ratings

E! dumped Kendra from its lineup when she was only bringing in 1 million viewers in the 18-49 demographic, so they can't be very pleased to see that only  1.1 million in that same demo tuned into the premiere of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami. Exposarazzi hopes it's not too long before we say "auf wiedersehen" to the swarthy sisters..


Saturday, January 19, 2013

LeAnn Rimes sighting in West Hollywood...

We think she's never looked better --keep it up Horsey! Rock that bikini on Robertson Blvd!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

MORE LIES: Horsey DESPERATE to stay in the news, claims she thought about suicide...

LeAnn Rimes is positively DESPERATE for attention, and running out of ammo. The clock is ticking down. Egomaniacs traditionally don't kill themselves, so we're not buying it. Horsey...GO AWAY

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mario Lopez reveals why he needs a teleprompter to get his facts correct

No Mario, that's not Matt LeBlanc's "wife," it's actress Andrea Anders who was Matt's co-star from the failed Friends spin-off Joey, who wrecked his marriage to wife #1, Melissa McKnight.

1981, the year the Golden Globes lost all credibility: Pia Zadora wins as 'Newcomer of the Year'

The Hollywood Foreign Press has always been kind of a joke; if you open your checkbook you too can win a Golden Globe.
Such was the case back in 1981 when Pia Zadora was given the "Best Newcomer of the Year" Award. Who's Pia Zadora? Well, her ancient, rich, husband Meshulam Riklis thought she deserved to win a GG, so he graciously wrote a check, and whala! Welcome to Hollywood...

Morose Kourtney Kardashian smiles big for $plash

Have you ever seen a bigger smile from the monotone, morose Kourtney Kardashian? It's because she gets 50% of the take of the sale of the pics from $plash; and please notice no sunglasses.
The Kardashian's meter is always running kids...

Exposarazzi fan favorite: Harvey Levin and his partner Andy Mauer

We don't know why you people out there in the cyber universe love searching "Is Harvey Levin gay?" "Who is Harvey Levin's partner?" "Andy Mauer" "What does Andy Mauer look like," but hey, to each his own. Here, once again, is the happy couple grabbing coffee in Malibu in January of 2009. To read the original post that started it all, click HERE!

You can't say Jennie Garth didn't WARN us!

Last month Jennie Garth told Health magazine, "Looks aren't important to me anymore," when it came to dating after her split with her husband of 11-years, Twilight actor Peter Facinelli.
Now we see why Garth made that statement, meet her new boyfriend, Jeremy Salken, the drummer for a band called, "Big Gigantic" (well, he better be with that fug face!)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

PROOF that LeAnn Rimes is addicted to Twitter and the biggest egomaniac around

Check out how many "tweets" LeAnn Rimes has sent out compared to fellow egomaniacs Kim Kardashian and the Donald Trump! She has sent out almost 4 x as many as Kim K! What do these tweets consist of? Lies mostly, and made up fantasy of what her world should be, when in reality she is thisclose to being committed to a mental health facility, and we don't mean the fake rehab she allegedly went to in September of last year, which we hear was really a spa in Laguna Beach, Ca. (More to come on that very soon...)

Ray J and trash...This is what Kim Kardashian's famous sex tape co-star has been up to...

Ray J and trash, the jokes just write themselves...

From Radaronline: Britney's dog Hannah is very sick, she bought it from Barkworks

We don't hear good things about Barkworks, and this Radar item just sort of confirms our suspicions about it...To read the Radar article, click HERE

Staged pic FLASHBACK: Brandon Davis works with PCN to get pics of his then girlfriend Mischa Barton

It was 2004, and trust fund dummy Brandon Davis had landed girlfriend Mischa Barton (the OC), and mysteriously PCN (Pacific Coast News) agency always knew exactly where they were they were going to be and when!
You might wonder why Brandon would pimp out his famous girl when he had tons of money of his own. Truth is, Brandon was not rolling in it and kept on a short leash by conservators of the Davis Family Trust.
Another fun fact, we don't believe Mischa Barton ever knew what her man was doing!
But alas, the magazines and blogs began to tire of the two, and even Brandon began running out of ideas of what staged set ups they should do. The end of the road was in Hawaii in January of 2005, and their last set-up was the couple playing croquet...Now that's a sticky wicket!

Is it 'tweets' like this the reason fans are bailing on Kendra?

Or is it the juvenile "LOL's?"

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kendra On Top Conundrum: Her reality show butts heads with her homeowners association

The best read of the week comes from Star magazine.
They say that Kendra Wilkinson is being threatened with fines and ultimate eviction from her home by Calabasas Highlands HOA which wants to limit the amount of days she can film her latest WE network reality show (season 2) to just 12 for the entire year.
Seems the neighbors don't want the crew making noise and parking up and down the street all hours of the day and are banning together to stop Wilkinson. But this is the only way she and hubby Hank Baskett can make their money, as little as it is. As we've said before the first season of Kendra On Top failed to crack into the top 100 cable shows for Tuesday nights, that means not even 100,000 people nationwide were watching. We're not sure why the WE network would want to film another season, but we do know they could change the name to "Kendra On The Street."

Charlie Sheen's checkbook comes to the rescue of dead photographer's family

First Charlie Sheen cut a check for $100,000 to Lindsay Lohan to help cover almost half her tax debt to the IRS, now the Anger Management star has come to the aid of Chris Guerra's family.
Guerra, 29, was the photographer hit and killed by a car at night crossing Sepulveda Blvd on New Year's Day after seeing Justin Bieber's car pulled over by cops. Turns out Sheen knew a pap who knew Guerra and was made aware the family was having a hard time coming up with funeral costs, so he cut a check for $12,000. His note on the check? RIP...

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Exposarazzi 'comment of the day', from the Daily Mail comments section

Read any comment section from a LeAnn Rimes post and you're sure to get a good laugh. But in this case our award goes to "Someone, somewhere"...