Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Here's one for the record books: Starz Management & PR company, run by criminals

Click on the image to enlarge and read:

Only in America could a gay Russian scam artist named Sergey Knazev get together with a fellow gay con-artist named Stephen Lenehan and form not only a bootleg photo agency, but a supposed management company! These two were SUED for trying to sell a sex tape of Oscar winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black and his former lover to undercover private detectives last July (2009) and now the crooks have a new scam! If you are a charity, a celebrity, or any legitimate organization RUN don't walk away from these two!!! This is a scam business run by two criminals, one of whom may be in the Russian mafia. Do NOT do business with Starz Management & PR, you have been warned!