Monday, February 14, 2011

Halle Berry lives two doors down from the gay sultan of sleeze! TMZ super-douche Harvey Levin!

Poor Halle Berry! The Oscar-winning actress has the supreme misfortune of living 223 feet away from TMZ's Harvey Levin and his gay lover Andy Mauer. Harvey lives in a gated home at 1136 N Doheny Drive, a place he and Andy have owned since 2007, around the same time Halle moved a few doors up. Halle, we feel your pain! Guess she won't be over to borrow a cup of sugar, or whatever Harvey and Andy are dishing out!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The set-up queen Tori Spelling strikes again, but she's running out of ideas for photo ops!

Okay, so she's running out of things to do to get into the magazines. Walking a baby goat down the street and trying to pretend that it is a candid, real moment? Maybe she's a better actress than we've given her credit for! Anytime you see "Startraks" on a photo credit, that's the agency that cuts her in on the profits. Kendra Wilkinson recently ditched Startraks for Splash, and we're wondering if she thought the agency wasn't giving her enough bang for her buck! The most interesting thing is that Tori's neighbor in Encino is her former 90210 co-star, Tiffani Amber Thiessen, (who just had a baby girl), but the two never speak to each other. My advice for Tori? Reunite with Tiffani for one of your staged photo ops!