Wednesday, March 14, 2012

INF gets pics of Bachelor finale months ago, and WHY no magazine will touch the photos

You might wonder why a magazine wouldn't want pics showing the finale of the Bachelor and Ben's choice of Courtney at the top of a mountain in Switzerland? After all, they could show their readers "who won" and look like they are totally in the know. But the reality is, ABC advertises with the magazines and they would pull their ad$, in the end, we just feel sorry for the poor pap who had to climb a mountain and hide in bushes to get the shots that were only shared on the internet for free...

Bachelor/Bachelorette spoiler Reality Steve wants your money

Do you want to help blogger Reality Steve? Seems ABC doesn't think he has freedom of speech rights and wants to spoil his constant "spoilers" of their show. We're thinking why bother giving him the attention? After all, he's wrong 50% of the time, so why give him the credibility? But if you want to donate to his cause, click HERE!