Thursday, January 31, 2013

Never seen before photo: Does this look like LeAnn Rimes is just "saying goodbye" after a casual lunch???

This is a never seen before photo of a clearly distraught LeAnn Rimes leaving lunch at Hugo's restaurant in Valley Village, Ca., on January 28, 2013.
Yes, an image from the "I was not crying" set.
What Horsey doesn't realize is that the media usually latches on to a few favorite frames and runs them ad-nauseum, so her rep looking at those pics makes up a lie based on those one or two images.
Does this look like someone who was happily sending her blow up doll pal "Lizzie" off to her car after sneezing in her face?
Bad news for Horsey, there are about 19 more never seen before frames besides this one...Oh yeah, and why wasn't Horsey wearing her wedding ring? We thought she had it soldered on!