Monday, May 10, 2010

X-17 sits on Britney Spears TWO WEEKS and INF gets her!

This is why a bunch of illegal immigrants from Brazil should be taken out to the shed and whipped with a spiked, dirty electrical cord in the rain. 
X-17 devotes three FULL TIME photographers to "sit on" Britney Spears in Calabasas. Chort Lens, Camouflage, and 4-runner douche (as we like to call them) sit and wait at various corners where she could exit, in the extreme valley heat, rain, sleet and well, you get the drift. So, after two weeks of sitting, who gets photos of Britney and her boys? INF! Bless their hearts, an enterprising INF crew snapped the X-17-free trio behind a karate studio in the valley. Look at Britney's expression, "Hey, where'd you guys come from?" sort of look. She's probably relieved that the criminals at X-17 are no where to be seen. Way to go INF!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

How would you like this INF photographer creep taking your picture?

It's no wonder that the celebs can't stand the paparazzi, look at what's out there? This creep that works for INF looks like he's just been let out of prison or something, how would you like him taking pix of your kids? Creepy!