Wednesday, January 2, 2013

RIP: Paparazzi Chris Guerra dies crossing the street at night in LA

"Freelance photographer" Chris Guerra died last night, January 1, 2013, crossing a busy Los Angeles street at night. Any time a paparazzi gets himself in trouble, or in this case DEAD, the agency who has been employing him and paying for his photos distances themselves from the scandal. "Hey, we just take his camera chip, we don't employ him!"
The owner of X17 is the best at this shell game, since he does employ illegal aliens and criminals to take pictures of celebrities.
But we digress, bottom line is a young guy who had been following Justin Bieber's car thought he had a big story, and when the car got pulled over by cops he really thought he was on to something. But when he was told to cross the road and go back to his car he didn't pay attention and got hit and killed.
He was probably excited and not paying attention to his surroundings, but that's no excuse not to take a moment, and just as your parents told you as a kid, "Look both ways..." before you cross the street...RIP Chris Guerra, age 29.