Friday, October 31, 2014

LeAnn Rimes goes natural for Halloween, looks like the Joker!

Why buy a costume and wear makeup when you can just go au natural?

New sitcom in the works: "I Hate LeAnn"

Eddie, you're supposed to touch your wife! 
Act buddy, act!!

Google searches...

Brandi Glanville doesn't think Eddie is cheating on LeAnn...or does she?

It's blurry, but here's Brandi's column from New Weekly magazine in Australia: 

Favorite costumes so far, Neil Patrick Harris and family

Just wow!

LeAnn Rimes new webstore: Merchandise of the clinically insane!

LeAnn Rimes is copying Taylor Swift, no Brandi Glanville, no wait-- she's just CRAZY! 

Check out her new webstore! 

We get copying Taylor Swift's 1989 theme, but Taylor does have a CD out with the same name. We get that Brandi Glanville is selling tops and hoodies, so LeAnn had to copy that--But WTF is this '#elfie' crap???

Get help LeAnn, true professional help, not some quack like Dr Drew, but someone who can put you on the right meds and get your head straight! 

Duggar Problems: When chaperones photo bomb your pic

We know any Duggar in a courtship needs to have a chaperone, but do they have to be in your pics too? 
Here Jana Duggar gets in younger sister Jessa's pic with fiance Ben Seewald. 
Since Jessa and Ben are getting married tomorrow, we're guessing Jana's out of a gig for a while! 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Friday, October 3, 2014

Keeping Up With The Glanvilles, it's a full time job!

Look at this theory about how LeAnn Rimes is getting twitter followers: 

This is creepy! 
And what's more, it hasn't worked, Brandi still has 100,000 more followers than the has-been never was Rimes and she's only been famous for a few years...

Introducing: Fat Eddie

Eddie's certainly been embracing his curvier body these days, hope he's not about to pull a Bruce-illa!

EXPOSED: LeAnn Rimes has her "mother-in-maid" on the payroll!

Earlier this week it was revealed that LeAnn Rimes has everyone in her life on her payroll, it's the only way anyone can put up with her apparently. 
Maid Gloria Cevallos filed a lawsuit against the washed up country crooner earlier this week and in the court papers it is revealed that Eddie's mother Hortensia Cibrian is the head maid! 

Horty is on the far right next to Eddie's dad, the family butler.