Thursday, January 3, 2013

Typical TMZ douchebag move: Bashing dead pap Chris Guerra

TMZ is now turning on dead pap Chris Guerra BIG TIME, claiming he was constantly "stalking and harassing" pop star Justin Bieber. Guerra, 29, was killed at night on New Year's Day crossing Sepulveda Blvd after Bieber's car was pulled over by cops and he was told to go back to his car.
If Guerra was constantly stalking Bieber why didn't he get any photos of him? How come the photos of Bieber are always the same three guys, two who work for X17, one for Fame/Flynet, none of whom is named "Chris Guerra?"
TMZ even got one of Guerra's friends to go on their Live show (via phone) to chat about the deceased photographer. I'm sure that pal wishes he never spoke to scumbag Harvey Levin and his band of greasy fat clowns.