Sunday, August 31, 2014

Eddie Cibrian's evil plan goes into action! Dateline Special to air in 2015

This is one of the last tweets from LeAnn Rimes, sent almost 24 hours ago...

"Middle of nowhere!" 
Keith Morrison [voice over]: "They had driven for hours in the desert, Leann had no cell reception.  And she wondered, 'why did Eddie pack duct tape, a large plastic bag, rubber gloves and a shovel?' 
And we wondered-- why was Eddie seen buying this large cooler on August 21st? It was all about to become very clear..." 

We'll all just have to wait until the special airs! Damn you Dateline! 

Can you spot the ratings for LeAnn & Eddie for their August 28th crap-fest?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Flashback Friday: Us Weekly, June 1, 2009

Such a total surprise!! #stalker

Look whose contract ended

Britney Spears and David Lucado broke up, or, in layman's terms, his contract ended. 
Wonder who dad Jamie Spears will hire next?

The curse is real folks...

Just 24 hours after sitting down with the gruesome twosome, Joan Rivers 'stopped breathing' during an operation.

Just say "No" to washed up country crooners and unemployed douche bags, it's a lesson for the kids out there...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Let's play "Spot the diamond!"

Here's Jessa Duggar's engagement ring from Ben Seewald
Not sure why, but Ben creeps us out...
Maybe marrying the first guy who ever asks you out is the thing we don't like, oh well...

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Oh, I see a Season 2 of LeAnn & Eddie! Said no one, ever!!!

Ratings for "Eddie has a lazy eye and LeAnn has a lazy ovary episode" that aired on August 21: 

HINT for today's GUESS WHO?

He's married to this washed up, Ex-Lax lovin' crooner who also has a big butt!

Today's Guess Who?

Who's the out of work fattie with the diaper butt? (No fair looking in the 'labels' section!)
Seems like someone has been skipping the gym and hitting Dunkin' Donuts

Tori Spelling sets up a lemonade stand in Malibu, but only paparazzi show up

Tori Spelling was busy pimping out her kids this week. She set up a lemonade stand outside her @20,000 a month summer rental. The home sits on Malibu Road, one of the most trolled paparazzi roads in all of SoCal. 
Guess she isn't getting in the magazines enough these days, there are people with newer fake scandals grabbing up the editorial pages! 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Casino has to bribe people with cash giveaways...

And one commenter wants to know if they can have a free ticket to LeAnn's show! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

LeAnn Rimes confirms: I shart myself at Miami fashion show

So the 'suspicious' stain was spinach juice, now we officially know everything about you and we're horrified. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo--the flower girl!

You'll see the wedding of Anna and Michael tomorrow on the show, but in the meantime, here's a sneak peak! 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Why do we think this tweet is a payback for free stay?

Because that is the history of Tori & Dean the grifters and fakers...

Paparazzi jump a Victoria's Secret photo shoot with Adriana Lima

And reveal what these models look like without airbrushing or photoshop...
Public service we say! 

The Daily Mail fails math quiz...

Hey, we here at Exposarazzi aren't that great at math, but c'mon! 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Oh wait, we found that scandalous LeAnn Rimes butt pic...

Just Ewwwww....

What do you know? Eddie Cibrian's fake assistant is a comedian

LeAnn & Eddie: "HELP! We lost half our viewers in one week!" Time to leave town...

Do you want to see a real LeAnn Rimes' BUTT scandal?

LeAnn Rimes has a fake butt scandal on her scripted reality show, but do you remember this REAL one?
It was July 4, 2010, and LeAnn Rimes had her BUTT in a 3-year old Jake Cibrian's face by the pool at the Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara.
After this photo got out, LeAnn said she was "quitting twitter," and she did--for whole two weeks.

Tori Spelling thanks San Diego Zoo for freebies and comps for family

We'll help you de-code this Tori Spelling tweet! 
"I promised you if you comped us for the day, admission, food, toys, shirts, I'd plug your zoo on my twitter!" 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Twitter peep Debbie is our winner of today's 'Caption This' contest:

"Okay, I downloaded 50, now it's your turn." Shrek, aka Darrell Brown to donkey, aka LeAnn Rimes...

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Candy Spelling as a little girl--she posts this 'throwback Thursday' pic

Candy Spelling is now 68-years old and worth $600 million (stop drooling Tori SpellingDean McDermott, she looks very healthy!), but back in the day, she was just a kid with her stuffed animal...

Kim Kardashian steals a paparazzi picture for her 'throwback Thursday' post

We thought you hated intrusive paparazzi? 
This bikini pic photo with baby North was taken from a boat by a pap shooting into the sun, and guess what, the sun won. 
One of the crappiest pics ever, and not a set up since it doesn't say 'Splash' on credit. 
But if the rogue agencies that take her pic are so intrusive, why post (STEAL) them on your instagram? 
Because Kim Kardashian is the biggest fame/attention whore any of us will ever see in our lifetimes, with LeAnn Rimes coming in a close second, of course. ;-)

LeAnn & Eddie: "We Pay Homage To Our Idol Brandi Glanville!"

What would these two do without Brandi Glanville
Would an original thought ever pop into their vacant heads?

What, no wardrobe budget for LeAnn & Eddie?

People magazine did a photo shoot with the gruesome twosome that is Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes recently. 
But we couldn't help but notice that we've seen those clothes before, a lot. 
Seems the magazine didn't provide a wardrobe budget for the disastrous duo! 

Check out Eddie's board shorts and LeAnn's top, pic from April 2014--Big stars get wardrobe budgets and stylists! 
Photo credit: KM Press Group