Friday, January 25, 2013

Flashback Friday: Adnan Ghalib, the pap who scaled Mt Everest

Well, not really, more of a metaphorical Mt Everest, but Adnan Ghalib did achieve some greatness in his time, a paparazzi dream come true, he dated Britney Spears for about four months (end of 2007 to March of 2008).
For years, big talker/liar Adnan would brag that he could get celebs on the phone, "Let me call Ben [Affleck], I'll see if he wants to do something today," meaning staged pics. Needless to say, Ben, Mariah, Jessica Simpson, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt,  never picked up the phone.
The dapper Adnan from Afghanistan with the British accent would throw out all kinds of big names, and the paps would laugh and laugh and mock him behind his back.
Then one day the lies became the truth when he helped Britney Spears escape a crush of paps when she tried to walk out of a gas station restroom --and the rest was history.
Suddenly the big talker was really doing something big-- Britney Spears!
The paps were all green with envy.
And the staged set ups were appropriately hilarious. 
One "Finalpixx" set had Adnan and Britney looking at pregnancy tests at night in a CVS store-- that was an Exposrazzi favorite.
The romance didn't end well. 
In fact, it ended in restraining orders and hit and run accidents, but it's worth looking back and remembering the pap who invaded the inner circle and actually dated the celeb.
It's worth noting that Finalpixx never had a set again after Adnan left the Britney building...