Friday, January 25, 2013

LeAnn Rimes "bikini bombs" ET stylist Mary Alice Haney

ET wanted to update Horsey's fashion sense out of her 'streetwalker chic' rut, so they sent out stylist Mary Alice Haney to her Hidden Hills rental home. Imagine her surprise when the mentally ill exhibitionist LeAnn came around the corner in a bikini! Her explanation? "Well, everyone thinks I walk around in a bikini all day, I might as well!"
Imagine our surprise when we saw pap "Big Head" hiding in her closet, camera ready, behind her Ferragamo shoe section!
Poor Mary Alice, she probably asked for overtime pay for this makeover madness!
Somewhere Sigmund Freud is scratching his head going, "Diese Frau ist verr├╝ckt!" or translated,"This woman is NUTS!"