Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Who says Halle Berry doesn't like paparazzi?! Look who's pimpin' their kid at the "paparazzi patch!"

Halle Berry is trying to convince a Los Angeles judge that she MUST be allowed to leave the US and live in France with her daughter Nahla because the paparazzi have become so dangerous to the both of them. Really Halle? Is that why you had to take Nahla to Mr Bones paparazzi patch in WeHo and have her shot to sh*t by 100 photogs? We're callin' you out, and think you really love the attention, and gee, we think you have a movie out right now too that needs some pub...

Monday, October 29, 2012

Now "Big Head" has paper "Northridge Toyota" logo on his still missing license plate

CREEPY Big Head got this cheap edition Prius back in January of 2012, so why does he keep changing the paper plates on it? By our count, this is the FOURTH incarnation of his paper plates. Seems like someone really has something to HIDE!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The LeAnn Rimes comment of the day award goes to....

The award of the day goes to commenter "Prinny" on Yes LeAnn Rimes, according to your incessant twitter messages the last four years, your life is "perfect," your ever lovin' hubby Eddie Cibrian buys you gifts (albeit with your money) and takes you on vacations with your own personal paparazzi (again, with your money), you have "bonus boys" who adore you, and everything is so so great-- right? That's why we're confused as to why you're so unhappy. If you ever want a really good read Exposarazzi fans, read the comments on any LeAnn Rimes article, we can guarantee it's full of some choice, juicy nuggets of wisdom...

Fake pap shots, used as "advertorial" vanity shots in magazines

So my friends, what is an "advertorial" plug? It's when you do a staged set-up with an agency like Startraks and are paid not only for the photo, but to plug a certain item like "Popchips" or "Simple Skincare Cleansing Facial Wipes." It's a win-win situation for the product, after all, they don't have to shell out big bucks for the advertising pages, and if it's used, it goes in the editorial side with a celeb face attached. If "Michael Simon" is credited with taking the photo, you can bet it's staged. Our favorite is how Simon managed to sneak into Rob Kardashian's back yard to snap him using "Dentyne Split2Fit" (whatever the heck that is)!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

The day we knew LeAnn Rimes was mentally ill: August 27, 2011

LeAnn Rimes celebrated the day before her 29th birthday by parading around in her bikinis at the beach for a pack of paps in front of the Malibu Beach Inn. 
Yes, we say bikinis plural because she changed not once, not twice, but three times that day in a 2-hour period to get the maximum attention from the weekly rags and daily blogs that she could get. 
She even changed her hairstyle to make it look like it could have been three different days! 
Did she soil herself and that's why she had to change? 
Possibly, but we're thinking the mentally unstable singer was on a euphoric and manic high...

Eddie Cibrian in Aspen, Colorado while his poor sick wifey keeps a stiff upper lip

Eddie Cibrian is deathly sick with the flu, he can barely move. That's what you are told by LeAnn Rimes on her twitter. Once again, the horse-faced country crooner is lying. If that's true, then how come a pretty, 19-year old female airport worker spotted the 39-year old actor with his guy friends at an airport in Denver, Colorado at the same time as the tweet? We love twitter for this reason, it's a great way to track rogue spouses like Eddie. Read Le's tweet about "tough couples," is she referring to troubles right now with Eddie's trip to Aspen?

LeAnn cried her eyes out during an interview with Katie Couric at the Four Seasons in LA on Saturday, October 20, and no hubby there to support her, he was over a thousand miles away with his buddies, and likely some women as well. So sad. Those "boys only" weekends used to be hoisted on Brandi Glanville, now LeAnn Rimes is getting a taste of it. Exposarazzi wants to know, was Eddie wearing his wedding ring?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Donald Trump's shame: His clothing line for Macy's is made in CHINA!

Shame on you! Donald Trump is currently taking politicians to task for outsourcing jobs from the US to China, but he fails to mention that his "Donald J Trump Signature Collection" clothing line for Macy's is made in China! Want proof? Just look at Exposarazzi's photos!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Oh no, ANOTHER LeAnn Rimes concert bites the dust...

This one was to be held for 12 people at the Northshore Music Theater in Beverly, Mass., on October 13, 2012. Oh poor sick sick sick LeAnn! Imagine being so mentally and physically ill because you can't trust your husband?

The train wreck that is LeAnn Rimes continues, she calls in sick to October 12 concert at a casino in CT...

But just three short days ago LeAnn Rimes was boasting great health while dressed like a $2 hooker, off  grocery shopping to cook a stew for her hubby Eddie Cibrian who stubbornly refuses to wear his wedding ring when she's not around! Tickets were going for $9.95 and included a full buffet dinner, we're hoping the meal portion wasn't canceled as well...

Are celebrities "stickin' it" to the little people thru Twitter?

It's a fact, celebrities have more money than ordinary people. Even if they are washed up losers with a sitcom credit from 20 years ago, chances are they are getting steady residual checks which keep them financially afloat. It's also a fact that you can follow almost any celebrity Twitter account and you can see them livin' large, posing for pics in private jets (PDiddy) heading to exotic places, or just hangin' out at their pricey crib having a dip in their custom made pool while a pizza cooks in their custom outdoor oven. Kelly Osbourne just faced "fan" backlash for posting a pic of herself poolside at a resort in Hawaii. The Osbourne spawn claims resentful and jealous twitter followers lashed out and called her bad names. Denise Richards posted photos of her dog sleeping in her custom pizza oven and swimming in her custom pool and several commenters  told her to take a moment and realize how blessed she was to be living in such largesse. Yes --celebs are stickin' it to you folks!

Who's your daddy? Prince Michael Jackson starting to look a lot like his rumored real dad Dr Arnold Klein

As teenager Prince Michael Jackson puts on weight, he is really starting to resemble the alleged Debbie Rowe sperm donor, Dr Arnold Klein. The King of Pop was a longtime patient (and pal) of Dr Klein's and Debbie Rowe worked for the famed dermatologist. Just sayin'...

Sex tape star Kim Kardashian (aka Lardassian) tries to rattle her ex...

A voicemail recording has surfaced of Kim Kardashian reportedly leaving an irate message for her sex tape co-star Ray J who is refusing to return her dare he! Granted, the "ex-rated" voicemail sounds more like monotone big sister Kourtney Kardashian leaving a message for Douche Lord Scott Disick, but nevertheless, HERE it is...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

LeAnn Rimes cancels another concert--she's still "sick" y'all!

The Westminster College campus in New Wilmington, PA, must be so disappointed. The 20 students who signed up to hear LeAnn Rimes yodel on Thursday, October 11, will have to wait to be entertained by the infected, diseased, and mentally ill entertainer. Despite putting on a leather mini-skirt and big smile to go grocery shopping so she could be photographed in a staged setting with pap "Big Head/clean undies" Mike Kamara on Tuesday October 9, she is still crying "sick." What's really making her sick is that her husband Eddie Cibrian refuses to wear his wedding band when he is not with her, sending out those "I'm single let's mingle" vibes...

LeAnn Rimes' mysterious new tattoo. Or is it fake like everything else she does?

Horse-faced singer LeAnn Rimes made it back from the dead with a "massive infection" within' 8-hours of being rushed to the ER, to make it to the stage of an event at the Autry Museum in Los Angeles. But what's that on the inside of her right arm below her elbow? A new tattoo? It seems to be writing of some sort. Exposarazzi will now speculate on what the real or fake tattoo reads:

"Why waste food? With bulimia you get to enjoy it twice!" "It's not cheatin' when you can't even spell cheatin'" "We're like Ricky and Lucy! Eddie is a Cuban who likes to cheat on his infamous fame hungry wacky wife." "Rehab is for chumps. I went to the Bacara Spa suckas!"

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ringless Eddie Cibrian, let the PR spin begin!

Let the games begin! Eddie Cibrian's rep now claims that Eddie had been at the gym, and he didn't want to wear his ring. The photo above, taken before the squinty-eyed fornicators were actually married shows them leaving a gym, and a sweaty Eddie is wearing a watch and a gold chain around his neck. He works out wearing jewelry my friends. And the spin doctoring liars over at E! news go farther with their chicanery, LeAnn, Eddie and his sons were spotted on Saturday having Sushi in Glendale so happy and loving. What? Exposarazzi thought she was at death's door due to a "massive infection" which caused her to cancel a concert in Nevada, and had her rushed to the ER. The lies are even lies! Welcome to the world of LeAnn Rimes...

Monday, October 8, 2012

Hey Eddie Cibrian: Where's your wedding ring?

Eddie Cibrian hit the gym and then Home Depot to pick up batteries today, (October 8) funny thing though, he's not wearing his wedding ring! While his deeply troubled wife LeAnn Rimes was home nursing a "massive infection" which caused her to cancel concerts, her ever lovin' hubby was roaming around minus his wedding ring. Another funny thing, he wore it to race (crash) cars at the celebrity Toyota race earlier in the year, he wore it in the commons on September 8, he wore it to Batman Live on September 28, but not to his gym and on errands on October 8. So, to all the single ladies-- cheatin' Eddie's ready to mingle!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

When celebs want attention, they go to Mr Bones Pumpkin Patch in West Hollywood

Those poor celebrities and their children, can't they ever escape the paparazzi? Maybe they don't want to escape them! Consider the Mr Bones pumpkin patch in West Hollywood where there is a section of hay bales set up in the corner just for paps to sit and wait, and then shoot pics of celebs showing up with their famous tots. Last year Christina Aguilera was the first to show up with son Max, this year it was Halle Berry with daughter Nahla, Jessica Alba with her daughters, and later Heidi Klum and her brood and boyfriend bodyguard. There are so many pumpkin patches dotting Los Angeles, yet they have to go to this small lot in West Hollywood where they know there is a paparazzi shooting gallery. Yes, they want the attention...

"Massive infection" causes horse-faced singer to cancel concert, yet she's well enough to perform at an event in LA

LeAnn Rimes is again saying her mouth is the source of massive sores and infection, we agree, it is, so what's new? We're thinking her cheating hubby Eddie Cibrian must have been caught "sexting" his side-piece just before Horsey was due to catch a plane to her casino gig in Nevada and she found out. The six people who purchased tickets were actually annoyed that the show was being canceled, especially when they heard that LeAnn was well enough to yodel her brains out at an event in Los Angeles at the Autry Museum. If you look closely at the event pics from Saturday night (above) it looks like the psychotic singer has been crying, and btw, Eddie was no where in sight....