Sunday, April 13, 2014

LeAnn Rimes BORROWED a baby today

Would you let her hold your child? 

Poor little guy seems desperate to escape her clutches! 

PROOF LeAnn Rimes reads Exposarazzi: She's ONE DAY late with this tweet because we caught her in a LIE

Suddenly, on a Sunday (April 13), LeAnn Rimes has little guests at Casa de Crazy for breakfast! 
This is the tweet that should have been sent out on the morning of Saturday, April 12! 
LeAnn slipped up and she knows it. 
We caught you LIAR LeAnn, there's no going back now. 

And by 'made' you mean you unthawed your beloved Eggo waffles, right? 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

LeAnn Rimes: Her lies are lies! There was NO kids' slumber party at Casa De Crazy

For someone who supposedly had a house full of little boys over for a slumber party on Friday night, April 11, LeAnn Rimes was sure up bright and early on Saturday, April 12-- 6:30 am in fact, up at the crack o' dawn to hit the gym for a dance class and then go shopping at the Farmer's Market. 
Did she tell the kids to just let themselves out and take whatever Ex-Lax tabs they wanted? Did the little boys just evaporate? 
The truth is, after Jake's trampoline party on Friday, ALL the little guests went home, they didn't stay overnight at Casa De Crazy. 
Why does the mentally ill washed up country crooner lie about something so stupid? 
To take a jab at her idol Brandi Glanville of course. 

Photo credit KM Press Group

Thursday, April 10, 2014

LeAnn Rimes shows off her "puffy shirt"

With her hero Brandi Glanville out of town shooting Celebrity Apprentice, LeAnn Rimes has no one to copy when it comes to fashion, so she went for Jerry Seinfeld's famous look. 
"But I don't wanna be a pirate!" 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Eddie Cibrian is a "Sleezy Rider"

Flashback to March 2011: 
Eddie Cibrian drives down PCH in his new motorcycle, a pre-wedding gift or incentive from LeAnn Rimes to get him down the aisle! 

Photo credit: KM Press Group

Here's a disaster waiting to happen--Kylie Jenner in Jeep with no doors

With Kylie, 16, at the wheel--stay out of the Jeep girls! You are one paparazzi car chase away from disaster