Saturday, October 11, 2014

Friday, October 3, 2014

Keeping Up With The Glanvilles, it's a full time job!

Look at this theory about how LeAnn Rimes is getting twitter followers: 

This is creepy! 
And what's more, it hasn't worked, Brandi still has 100,000 more followers than the has-been never was Rimes and she's only been famous for a few years...

Introducing: Fat Eddie

Eddie's certainly been embracing his curvier body these days, hope he's not about to pull a Bruce-illa!

EXPOSED: LeAnn Rimes has her "mother-in-maid" on the payroll!

Earlier this week it was revealed that LeAnn Rimes has everyone in her life on her payroll, it's the only way anyone can put up with her apparently. 
Maid Gloria Cevallos filed a lawsuit against the washed up country crooner earlier this week and in the court papers it is revealed that Eddie's mother Hortensia Cibrian is the head maid! 

Horty is on the far right next to Eddie's dad, the family butler. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian arranges her staged bikini photos with Splash at the Four Seasons, Westlake

You would think with all the money they're making and all the hundred dollar bills they're wiping their butts with, the Kardashian Klan would be happy. 
But they're not happy until they've collected the last dime they possibly can. 
Here Kourtney Kardashian manages to escape all the paparazzi that constantly trail her to do an EXCLUSIVE staged photo op with $plash by the Four Seasons Spa pool in Westlake. She wants her cut, likely half or more of the sale, in this case she probably made $2.32 from the Mail Online since they have a subscription deal with Splash. 
When you've been doing this long enough, you begin to recognize backgrounds of pics and can tell where they were taken. 
The give away here was the brick work and the two different colored towels, white and cream colored, resting on the chaise lounge. 
Wonder what the other spa guests thought of Kourtney inviting a pap into their pricey spa sanctuary? 

Kourtney Photo: Courtesy of the Daily Mail online

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Paris fashion week: Who showed the most cleavage? Kim or Kanye?

LeAnn Rimes is reportedly using a disbarred attorney to harass her enemies on twitter!

Another headache for poor LeAnn Rimes
Exposarazzi's in-box has been flooded with reports that allege she is in bed with a very unsavory character, a disbarred attorney named Vincenza Spina of Fort Lee New Jersey. 
It appears and is alleged that Ms Spina operates under the twitter name @fauxrealityE and harasses twitter peeps who do not like LeAnn Rimes. Spina is very busy we're sure, because there are a lot of those!
Photo of Vincenza Spina (we apologize in advance for her appearance): 
In the Spina LLC's you see a FR Entertainment, short for Faux Reality Entertainment, registered in 2012, at the same time she began her blog. 
Here we see that @fauxrealityE attempted to commit more fraud by using a fake name and with someone else's credit card to access a gofundme account. 
If you ever get a legal letter from the Spina's it's sure to be riddled with grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors. 
Here, we learn that the couple has no presence on twitter. Interesting. 
No "presence on twitter," but here she not only admits to her own account, but another one as well! 
We're especially impressed with the fact that Vincenza Spina, or 'Antonella' or 'Toni' if you call her husband's office, went to law school to become a notary! "I am! Got my seal & everything." 
Vincenza, or Vinnie, or Antonella, or Toni or Gianluca Dimico, also sold her share of the family home for $1.00 prior to filing bankruptcy. 
Bottom line, run don't walk away from any business this woman is involved in! 
Even you LeAnn Rimes, you seem like a class act next to this chick!! 
Is this the NEW Theresa and Joe?
Does this sound familiar?