Friday, July 25, 2014

Eddie tells Star magazine, "Shut up, she likes bringing in the money!"

LeAnn & Eddie sat down for an interview with Star, the very magazine they accused of making up a $50 Million Divorce" story earlier this year. 
But this was the most interesting part, in our opinion, we knew she HAD to tour and that her crap CD's weren't paying the bills...

RIP career of Vh1's Susan Levison

Oh yeah, this was bound to be a hit show! HA! 

We wonder if Ms Levison has already cleaned out her desk or if she's going to wait until Monday? 

A FAKE personal chef cooks dinner for Horse Face & Scumbag in their FAKE kitchen

Oh, this looks so real! NOT
Shall we caption what the fake staff in the back is thinking about the gruesome twosome? 

Look, it's a tumble weave! Is there anything REAL on this FAKER?

Fake hair, fake teeth, fake breasts, fake house, fake life...fake

EXCLUSIVE--LeAnn & Eddie use FAKE home for reality series

Not that anyone's even watching, but we here at Exposarazzi are tired of Z-listers faking their 'reality' to make a buck. 

And here's their REAL home in Calabasas

Say what?

LeAnn & Eddie's reality show only serves to showcase their stupidity and the fact that they are supremely unlikable. 
Here, a Daily Mail commenter who calls themselves "bored to tears" tries to figure out WTF Eddie's ATM just said: 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Eddie Cibrian's "favorite movie" reveals his character

If you look very closely into his squinty eyes, we swear, you can see dollar signs. 
The out of work actor Eddie and his bank account did an interview with Mario Lopez of Extra yesterday, where LeAnn was asked what her ever lovin' hubby's favorite movie was? 
"That's easy," the flared-nostriled ATM replied, "The Color of Money!" 
Ding ding ding, you got it!