Saturday, January 12, 2013

Staged pic FLASHBACK: Brandon Davis works with PCN to get pics of his then girlfriend Mischa Barton

It was 2004, and trust fund dummy Brandon Davis had landed girlfriend Mischa Barton (the OC), and mysteriously PCN (Pacific Coast News) agency always knew exactly where they were they were going to be and when!
You might wonder why Brandon would pimp out his famous girl when he had tons of money of his own. Truth is, Brandon was not rolling in it and kept on a short leash by conservators of the Davis Family Trust.
Another fun fact, we don't believe Mischa Barton ever knew what her man was doing!
But alas, the magazines and blogs began to tire of the two, and even Brandon began running out of ideas of what staged set ups they should do. The end of the road was in Hawaii in January of 2005, and their last set-up was the couple playing croquet...Now that's a sticky wicket!