Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Eddie Cibrian's evil plan is taking form: LeAnn's $ buys a pricey home so now he can get half of its value in divorce!

Eddie Cibrian may look and talk like a total airhead, but he's smarter than we thought. After years of renting in LA, he's convinced his horse-faced wife LeAnn Rimes to BUY a pricey home, a "mansion" according to the Cibrian children. Now, when they divorce he will get half the value of that home since the gruesome twosome have NO PRENUP. He's convinced his ever-lovin' wife that this is the best move for them, and she took to her "private" blog to share the great news.
It's like a dang Lifetime movie!

PS: The above photo is not their new home, just a approximate rendering for your viewing pleasure...We've learned since posting this the couple purchased the home inside Hidden Hills for $4.5 million, it features a full gym (good, guess we won't have to see pics of Horsey galloping to Equinox anymore), 6 bedrooms, gourmet kitchen (well, that's a waste, since Horsey eats out all the time) and sits on 2 acres.