Thursday, February 28, 2013

The only person who works harder than JLo is her colorist! Jennifer Lopez' roots are as gray as a goose

Imagine having to be Jennifer Lopez' colorist and stay on top of those gray roots as soon as they begin to show?
BTW, Jen's been completely gray since her early 30's...

Little Hank's real mommy: Nanny Rosa! ABC's Wife Swap inadvertently reveals awkward moment...

After Kendra Wilkinson returned from a week away from son Hank, 3, she opened her arms and screeched out his name. His response? He sat on the stairs playing a game with his full time nanny/housekeeper "Rosa" turned to Kendra for a few seconds, and then returned to his game. The editors of the TV Wife Swap show then cut to Little Hank in Kendra's arms.
Let's face it, the kid spends 90% of his waking hours with nanny Rosa, why wouldn't he be more bonded with her? Even fellow swapper Kate Gosselin remarked that Kendra should be spending more time with Little Hank in his formative years.
Never thought we would agree with Kate on anything!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Brandi Glanville's sexy Oscar night dress has the world talking

Brandi herself said on Twitter: "I made the worst dressed list for the Oscars!! I made an Oscars list!!"

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kendall Jenner shows her classy side

This is a message to all her "haters."
Notice how the 17-year old Sierra Canyon drop out never tweets about (cough) school work?
We're guessing at this point she couldn't tell you the capitol of California

Monday, February 18, 2013

Desperate for cash, celebs prep for ABC reality diving show

Kendra Wilkinson needs cash, and she's proven she'll do anything to bring it in. Not only is she doing Celebrity Wife Swap, (the switch is with fellow cash-strapped former reality star Kate Gosselin) but she's joined the cast of ABC's Splash, a diving reality competition show.
All of the cast members need cash. Nicole Eggert (from Baywatch) has her Studio City home up for sale and recently downgraded from a fancy car to a practical one.
Kareem Abdul Jabbar has a bankruptcy in his past and a home that burned to the ground.
Comedian Louie Anderson has heart and health issues, so the fact that he's willing to put his life on the line means he's cash-strapped as well.
Look at the above photo that Kendra tweeted, this is what the final 15-minutes of fame looks like...

Look behind you Britney, that's a Fame/Flynet photographer!

Many times there are so many paps trying to follow and shoot the celeb, they get in each other's photos. Here we see that while X17 is snapping Britney Spears, a Fame/Flynet photographer in a black Toyota RAV trails behind her...

Sunday, February 17, 2013

How does Brandi Glanville stay so slim eating In-N-Out Burger?

The 40-year old best selling author was spotted today at an In-N-Out drive thru. How long until LeAnn Rimes is spotted doing the exact same thing?
Photo credit: KM Press Group

Friday, February 15, 2013

LeAnn Rimes sues her dentist, now he's to blame for her imploding career

We feel sorry for the poor sap who had to stick his fingers in LeAnn Rimes' diseased mouth. Now the dentist who brought you her guffawing donkey veneers and root canals is being sued because he is the reason she has no career.
Good luck LeAnn, you have to prove your allegations in court and you're not going to be able to do that.
Your career is over because you were a one-hit-wonder a decade or more ago.
Your career is over because you hooked up with a married man while you were still married and broke up a family.
Your career is over because you do ridiculous staged bikini photos with a photographer who boasts that he has "clean undies" on twitter.
Your career is over because you are suing a special ed teacher for putting your irate phone rant on the web.
Your career is over because you can't sing.
Your career is over because you ruined the chances of a 13-year old girl on X Factor by showing up out of it and trying to over-sing your side of a duet.
Your career is over because you can only book Indian casinos, and even they are losing interest.
Your career is over because you are desperate for attention, and try to play the victim.
Your career is over because you are mentally ill and need to be put in an institution but no one around you will tell you that because they are reliant on you for money and are not your true friends.

To read about the lawsuit, click HERE

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

First look: LeAnn Rimes buys her own Valentine's Day flowers

What do you do when your husband Eddie Cibrian isn't working, and can't even pay his child support? Well, if you're LeAnn Rimes, you have to buy your own roses for Valentine's Day. She was likely going to buy these, take them home and then snap a pic for her twitter followers saying they were from her hubby Mr Ed.
But since she was photographed paparazzi style holding the receipt, that plan has been ruined. Sorry Horsey...

LeAnn Rimes mocking Brandi Glanville backstage at one of her concerts

Remember when Brandi Glanville was walking around on crutches? Well, someone snapped LeAnn Rimes backstage at one of her yodeling sessions at an Indian casino mocking the Real Housewives star and author...Bad move Horsey! But we do love your dentures!

Sinking fast: Kourtney & Kim Take Miami fails to get into top 100 cable shows for Sunday night

The Kardashians have gone head to head with awards shows before, and still managed to pull out decent ratings.
But this last Sunday, February 10, Kourtney and Kim Take Miami failed to make it into the top 100 cable shows for the night.
Exposarazzi is proud of the many people who failed to tune in, and hope it leads to the ultimate demise of the Kardashian Klan...
Don't believe us, look for yourselves HERE...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thunder thigh hits the Grammys

Celebrities never know when it's time to give some other up-and-comer a chance and just get off the stage.
Case in point, Jennifer Lopez.
Yes, we see your thunder thigh. We see your bald boy toy "Casper." We see your kids out with non-stop nannies and bodyguards.
Time to let someone else have their time in the limelight, "Jenny."

Saturday, February 2, 2013

And the 'Bonus Mom of the Year' award goes to....

LeAnn Rimes was on the fast track to be dubbed 'Bonus Mom of the Year' by Redbook magazine, until an editor got a gander at these photos from the Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara, July 4, 2010.
What did the pics reveal?
A then 3-year old Jake Cibrian gets stuck with LeAnn's twat in his face because she wants to dry hump his father Eddie Cibrian by the hotel pool.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner want you to know what they'd look like IF they were fat...

Thanks to an app on the iPhone, we have learned that if teenagers/mean girls Kendall and Kylie were fat, they'd look like big half sister Khloe Kardashian. Oh the wonders of technology!

Friday, February 1, 2013

The photo that made Oprah admit she was altering her image on covers of O magazine

The year was 2008, and Oprah Winfrey was on top of the world with a hit talk show, magazine, private jets, fancy cars and a $50 million estate in Montecito.
But the one thing the billionaire couldn't control was her weight, and a single paparazzi photo taken on an off day caused her to come clean just weeks later to her fans about photoshopped covers of O mag that constantly made her appear slim and trim.
She left fans scratching their heads. If someone like Oprah with private chefs, 24-hour a day on call personal trainer (Bob Greene) couldn't keep the weight off, what hope was there for the rest of us?
Singer Alanis Morissette once said she liked paparazzi, "It forces transparency" she commented.
We agree...

Travis Barker vandalizes signs at the Topanga mall

These photos were taken several years ago, but have never been seen before. They show drummer Travis Barker putting "FMS" stickers on signs at the mall when he thinks no one is looking.
Well Travis, surprise! Someone was looking, and it was paparazzi.
'FMS' stands for Travis Barker's clothing line "Famous Stars and Stripes."
Cheap way to advertise your brand, eh?
Notice how his young son Landon sports fake tattoos. What a great role model he has!

Is this the face of CRAZY? Yet another never seen before pic of LeAnn Rimes

This photo was taken of LeAnn Rimes back in August, 2011. She's picking up a cake at a store in LA and she doesn't know she's being photographed because it is shot thru auto glass sneaky style. It looks like she's possessed, ala Linda Blair in the Exorcist. And hey, is that a bunny boiler in that box?
Would you want this woman around your children??

Old dog, same tricks: Eddie Cibrian has LeAnn Rimes make out with gal pal in front of him

Brandi Glanville's revelation this week (in her book "Drinking and Tweeting" out on February 12, 2013) that her then husband Eddie Cibrian liked her to make out with her girlfriends in front of him, made us remember a certain photo set from last March [2012].
You know the one, taken by Splash, Horsey and Mr Ed are in Mammoth with blow up doll Lizzie and her husband Dave. Oh, all of their children are in the other room as well, while Le and lipstick lesbian Liz make out on the balcony while Mr Ed takes pics.
Since this whole relationship seems to be following a certain playbook, we predict that there are dozens of waitresses across the San Fernando Valley ready to tell all to the tabloid$ about their sexual exploits with the very married Mr Ed...