Monday, July 28, 2014

LeAnn Rimes readies us for 30 days of HELL

Did you know the Queen of Crazy LeAnn Rimes turns 32 on August 28? 
She took to her twitter today (July 28) to grease the birthday wheels, and ready us for non-stop, "It's my birthday!" "Hubby surprised me with this! [photo of latest STD]" "Bonus boys made me a Darrell Brown pinata filled with Ex-Lax" type tweets-- you know the drill...

VH1 misses the old days, bring back Flava Flav!

Just to prove to you that VH1 does know what GOOD ratings look like, here's one of their hits from the old days: 

Week 2: LeAnn & Eddie in ratings free fall

How long until VH1 decides to air the rest of the episodes online (if at all?)

July 24:

July 17:

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Eddie Cibrian's ex-mistress Scheana Marie marries a fat Eddie

Someone pointed this out to Exposarazzi, and we couldn't agree more. 
Damn, it's fat Eddie! 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

LeAnn Rimes' EX-husband gets snarky on twitter

Love it! 
Guess he wasn't one of the three people watching LeAnn & Eddie's reality show! 

God Only Knows...Carnie Wilson gets a new tattoo

Paying homage to her daddy, Beach Boy Brian Wilson...

LeAnn Rimes: No makeup pic? We'll show you a no makeup pic!

LeAnn Rimes is lying to her two fans again. 
She posted a supposed 'no makeup' selfie on twitter and then had the nerve to defend it when one of her fans had the audacity to see actual makeup on the washed up country crooner.
Dear 'Tabatha Jolly' we'll show you LeAnn Rimes without makeup, the REAL thing, not her lying, cheating, FAKE version!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Eddie tells Star magazine, "Shut up, she likes bringing in the money!"

LeAnn & Eddie sat down for an interview with Star, the very magazine they accused of making up a $50 Million Divorce" story earlier this year. 
But this was the most interesting part, in our opinion, we knew she HAD to tour and that her crap CD's weren't paying the bills...

RIP career of Vh1's Susan Levison

Oh yeah, this was bound to be a hit show! HA! 

We wonder if Ms Levison has already cleaned out her desk or if she's going to wait until Monday? 

A FAKE personal chef cooks dinner for Horse Face & Scumbag in their FAKE kitchen

Oh, this looks so real! NOT
Shall we caption what the fake staff in the back is thinking about the gruesome twosome? 

Look, it's a tumble weave! Is there anything REAL on this FAKER?

Fake hair, fake teeth, fake breasts, fake house, fake life...fake

EXCLUSIVE--LeAnn & Eddie use FAKE home for reality series

Not that anyone's even watching, but we here at Exposarazzi are tired of Z-listers faking their 'reality' to make a buck. 

And here's their REAL home in Calabasas

Say what?

LeAnn & Eddie's reality show only serves to showcase their stupidity and the fact that they are supremely unlikable. 
Here, a Daily Mail commenter who calls themselves "bored to tears" tries to figure out WTF Eddie's ATM just said: 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Eddie Cibrian's "favorite movie" reveals his character

If you look very closely into his squinty eyes, we swear, you can see dollar signs. 
The out of work actor Eddie and his bank account did an interview with Mario Lopez of Extra yesterday, where LeAnn was asked what her ever lovin' hubby's favorite movie was? 
"That's easy," the flared-nostriled ATM replied, "The Color of Money!" 
Ding ding ding, you got it! 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Flashback to King of Queens

Remember the episode where Deacon and Kelly had a special anniversary painting done of Doug and Carrie, but Carrie's arm in the foreground is HUGE?
Well, now LeAnn Rimes has that same problem...

Monday, July 21, 2014

Dental Repo? Did the dentist that LeAnn Rimes sued repo his 'work?'

Or something happened here, we're not sure what, but we like our theory...

The gruesome twosome LeAnn and Eddie arrive at LAX today...

Truly Delusional! LeAnn Rimes performs at casino in Hallandale, FL but thanks Miami on her twitter

LeAnn Rimes wants you to think she's a real BIG SHOT! 
On July 19th she took to her twitter to thank Miami, FL for being such a great crowd. 
One little problem, she didn't perform in Miami, or even Miami-Dade County, she was in Hallandale, in Broward County, yodeling for the casino crowd at the dumpy 'slots 'R Us' Mardi Gras. 
But y'all, in her defense, Miami sounds more glamorous, and who'd bother to take the time to look it up? 
Exposarazzi, that's who--you dumb Beyotch! 

This is from LeAnn Rimes own website:  

Hey Stoopid, this is why you don't take your horny Cuban hubby to a bikini fashion show!

brought to you by the infinitely talented twitter peep @carothinks!

LeAnn Rimes' leakage: Fashion statement or accident?

LeAnn Rimes has never been known for good hygiene. She tweets every day about some medical mishap, but has she finally gone over the edge? 
Perhaps it's time to cut down on those 'candies' Le, or as they are officially known-- Ex-Lax tablets. 

Photos compliments of the Daily Mail online UK

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Let's play a game: In which photo does Eddie look happier?

Taken at the same event, a Luli Fama fashion show in Miami, Eddie Cibrian poses with hot model Rachell Vallori, and later with his ball and chain maxi-cling wife LeAnn Rimes
You be the judge: 

The next Mrs Cibrian? Eddie cops a feel of gorgeous swimwear model!

LeAnn Rimes made the mistake of taking husband Eddie Cibrian backstage at a fashion show tonight. Let's just say that the word "papacito" means "delicious man" in Spanish slang. 
Can we just say, we haven't seen Eddie quite this happy in years?! 

 Meanwhile, check out LeAnn in the old lady dress and the model trying to change in the background! 

LeAnn & Eddie: Meet the ratings DUMPSTER

Vh1 should know that the dumping of toxic waste over the cable airwaves is punishable by horrid ratings. 

Peter Brady is losing his hair!

God, now we feel really old! 
Christopher Knight (aka "Peter Brady" on the Brady Bunch 1969-1974) has had a successful hair transplant thanks to Bosley. 
Now the 56-year old can look really good while he's out buying all that "pork chops and applesauce..." 

The Kendra Wilkinson/Hank Baskett twitter time capsule

Did you know that time stopped on June 21, 2014? 

Well, it did for Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett if you were one of their many twitter followers. 
It took one transexual scandal to ruin what was going to be a great summer for Kendra, Hank and their two kids. 
The only good outcome of the tranny story was that Kendra made up with her mom Patti Wilkinson
Patti has been active on twitter, most recently posting an adorable pic of granddaughter Alijah, born on May 16, 2014. 

Brandi Glanville gives LeAnn Rimes a much needed unicorn sighting

Everyone knows LeAnn Rimes is obsessed with unicorns, she tweets about them almost daily. 
All she needed to do on July 19th was check out Brandi Glanville's twitter to find one! 

Dean McDermott: He can't handle the truth!

Maybe twitter isn't the best place for a recovering addict who can't seem to take criticism. Hey, you're an 'actor' pretend like it doesn't bother you! Try 'the method'...