Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kendra On Top Conundrum: Her reality show butts heads with her homeowners association

The best read of the week comes from Star magazine.
They say that Kendra Wilkinson is being threatened with fines and ultimate eviction from her home by Calabasas Highlands HOA which wants to limit the amount of days she can film her latest WE network reality show (season 2) to just 12 for the entire year.
Seems the neighbors don't want the crew making noise and parking up and down the street all hours of the day and are banning together to stop Wilkinson. But this is the only way she and hubby Hank Baskett can make their money, as little as it is. As we've said before the first season of Kendra On Top failed to crack into the top 100 cable shows for Tuesday nights, that means not even 100,000 people nationwide were watching. We're not sure why the WE network would want to film another season, but we do know they could change the name to "Kendra On The Street."