Monday, January 7, 2013

LeAnn Rimes is a menace to the legal system

Horse-faced singer LeAnn Rimes is suing a special ed teacher/mother and one of her daughters (Kimberly and Lexi Smiley) for taping a phone conversation from March of 2012 and posting it online.
Horsey called them from a crowded restaurant and put them on speaker phone so her entire crew could hear the conversation. One of the twitter "fans" in LeAnn's coven (coven: a group of witches) provided the phone number to her. Rimes first words out of her mouth were something like, "Listen Bitch..."
Horsey is embarrassed that the phone conversation revealed the real "Le," a self-centered, insane, insecure liar who cannot believe that so many people don't like her.
The only relatively good thing about the lawsuit is that through the "discovery" process many people in LeAnn's life will be subpoenaed to testify, that includes paparazzi she has called to do staged pics of intimate family moments. Her phone records will be part of that discovery, it will all be exposed, and Exposarazzi likes that.
If you'd like to help the Smiley family you can donate even a small amount to their cause HERE