Sunday, April 12, 2015

BUSTED! LeAnn Rimes CAUGHT in Biggest LIE EVER

Proving she is the biggest liar and most delusional person on the planet, LeAnn Rimes has struck again! 
We might also add she thinks everyone else is STUPID. 

On Saturday April 11, Outtawork Cibiran (also known as "Eddie") dumped his wife off at LAX airport so she could catch a flight to her yodeling gig that night at the Gold Coast Casino in Oroville, which is about an hour north of Sacramento, Calif. 

You can see how thrilled Eddie is to unload his crazy wife and speed away. 

Fast forward to just hours later when LeAnn posts an Instagram pic where she says "Eddie" took a pic of her backstage at the Oroville show! 

No LeAnn, he's back in LA banging his Sagebrush Cantina side beyotch, he's not with you.   

You see, we have photographic proof he didn't go with you! Thank you brain dead paparazzi who sit at LAX all day, you've finally earned my respect. 

To add insult to injury, her assistant Kiki Caldas, (you may know her parents who were Keebler Elves) posted photos and vine videos showing that she was the one with LeAnn, not Mr Ed. 

LIARS always get caught! At least that's what Kelly Osbourne tweeted earlier this week...

Look how a "jenifer099"is on to the lie...

This black dress looks familiar...oh, there it is again!