Friday, October 4, 2013

Exposarazzi history lesson: Home wrecker Julia Roberts hits a new low

Get out your notebooks and pens Exposarazzi students, there will be a quiz on this material at the end of the quarter: 

Julia Roberts met her current and second husband, cameraman Danny Moder in 2000, while he was already married to a very pretty woman named Vera Moder.

For that matter, Julia was in a long term relationship with actor Benjamin Bratt.

But the attraction was so great that soon clothes, wedding bands and morals were being flung in all directions --leaving Julia more determined than ever to get her man.

The easy part was dumping Benjamin Bratt --the hard part was getting rid of Vera.

Vera made it so difficult for our little superstar that the usually paparazzi hating Julia Roberts wore a homemade shirt for the photogs that read, "A Low Vera," supposedly in reference to the fact 'the wife' wasn't going away quietly. (Who knew she was so good at arts & crafts?)

So, while you see a 'pretty woman,' we see a horse faced home wrecker, one that preceded our morally devoid horse faced country crooner LeAnn Rimes by almost a decade.