Thursday, October 3, 2013

How low budget is LeAnn Rimes' scripted reality show?

While the Kardashians travel to Greece, London and Paris, and even Kendra Wilkinson makes it to Big Bear, Ca., on her WE network show Kendra On Top, it seems our egomaniacal Horsey is budget bound by VH1 to the confines of her Hidden Hills home.

The VH1 crew couldn't follow her phlegm filled body to Europe for her five casino gigs?

From what we've gleaned via her twitter, and monitoring paparazzi websites, the 6 episodes will be Horse walking around the house in the bikini in front of actors paid to portray her stepsons.

Even the dang Duggars on TLC get to Branson, Mo, and our Little Couple went to China.

VH1, we've been privy to  LeAnn & Eddie's boring and inane relationship, and if your camera crew is snoring now, you can imagine what viewers will be doing...