Thursday, October 10, 2013

[Already separated] Bruce and Kris Jenner's staged photo op last December to prove the tabloids were wrong

Last Christmas, Bruce and Kris Jenner were mad that Star magazine had figured out they were separated, so they decided to stage a photo op with Splash photo agency. 
Well, in actuality, Bruce could have probably cared less, but money grubbing Kris thought the true story threatened her empire and future story lines for their reality show. 
So, they went to a Christmas tree lot and posed up a storm for $plash (who cuts them in for half the sale of the photo), and even answered questions on video fed to them in a clipped British accent. 
Bottom line is, the more ridiculous the photo op the truer the story. 

"F*ck you STAR magazine!"
This is the cover that sent Kris Jenner running to the Christmas Tree lot, dragging Bruce behind the car...