Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kris Jenner's first set of STAGED photos since separation news was confirmed

If you believe photo captions (which we here at Exposarazzi DO NOT), Kris Jenner dressed up and drove all the way from Calabasas to some LA park to read a book about weight loss.
What really happened?
Michael Simon of Startraks photo agency (which is backed by Splash) was let into the gates of Hidden Hills so he could take a picture of Kris Jenner in her back yard. 
We have no idea what the purpose is, since the caption is ridiculous, but we do know if the photo sells, Kris will collect half of the sale.
Her meter is always running folks.
And don't you love the way the 'S' in 'She' is capitalized mid-sencence? Is Kris Jenner God now?