Saturday, October 5, 2013

Kendra on Top is a ratings flop and full of editing horrors

Like we keep sayin' Kendra on Top Season 2 on the WE network is not even getting 200,000 viewers for any of its episodes, just like its predecessor, Season 1.
We don't know exactly how many viewers it's getting because it is getting so few that it doesn't register in the top 100 cable shows for Friday nights.
Yet recently Kendra tweeted her 2 million + followers (who don't seem to be watching her show) that she was getting 'great ratings.' 
The show itself is a hot, fake mess.
There's a preview airing for an upcoming episode where Kendra and Hank have a fight, so Hank has to sleep on the couch.
Sleep on the couch?? Really? They live in a 5,295 square foot home with 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. Surely she has a guest room, or are the extra rooms being used by the camera crew and nanny Rosa who is busy actually raising baby Hank?
The 'F' word is used in almost every sentence out of Kendra's mouth, that is when she's not saying 'sh*t.'
Hank picks up Kendra from the LAX airport in a white GMC SUV with black rims and brings her home. They fight, and when he backs down the driveway the car now has silver rims, because it's the older car they traded in and the editor was too lazy to use new footage.
Kendra's younger brother Colin Wilkinson supposedly drives all the way from San Diego (150 miles) to pick her up in Calabasas, (to drive her back to San Diego for a family weekend) yet he's not allowed in the front door. "Oh, Colin's here, gotta go," Kendra tells Hank as she wheels her luggage out the front door.
No potty break? Colin doesn't want to see his young nephew or brother in law? He's not hungry or thirsty? This is because he never came to pick her up, they just filmed scenes later in a car on a freeway and pretended that happened.
Those are just a few examples of the stupidity and inanity that is Kendra On Top...

This home only has two bedrooms, according to the WE 'reality show' Kendra On Top. But public tax records show it has FIVE.