Saturday, October 12, 2013

Casper Smart: How a kept man spends his day

Ever wonder what Beau "Casper" Smart does all day besides fan Jennifer Lopez with an ostrich feather as she reclines on a chaise lounge?
Well, wonder no more.
We caught up with the human penis (c'mon, you know he looks like one) via his twitter account, and it looks like he's busy getting tattoos inside JLo's Hidden Hills home, updating his penis-like head shot, begging for an acting role on Sons of Anarchy while watching season after season on dvd, and well, that's about it.
How long until 'Jenny From The Block' (who is 18 years older than Casper) puts him into the curbside recycling bin? 
We're saying very soon.
Update: She kicked him out in May 2014...

[Is it really a "sleeve" of tattoos if it's on your leg Casper, or is it a "sock" of tattoos?]