Friday, September 27, 2013

Mission accomplished: Kris Jenner plays decoy to distract paparazzi

Kris Jenner is a crafty one. After seeing 25 paps sitting on her gated community, some with fold out chairs sitting along side their cars, she sprung into action so that daughter Kim Kardashian could take baby North to a doctor's appointment in Beverly Hills without any attention in her assistant's car. You see, North is about to start jet setting around the world and she needs shots and a clean bill of health.
Kris and Kim's pal (his name is so stupid we don't even want to write it) took all the paps to the nearby Topanga mall where they rode a carousel and ate corn dogs. That's normal behavior isn't it?
Kris came out of the back gate in a darkly tinted Rolls Royce so the paps couldn't see who was in the car until they got to the mall.
Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian snuck out in her GWagen and headed to Beverly Hills for North's check up.
If you're keeping score, the Jenner/Kardashian's won this round...