Thursday, September 5, 2013

Staged photos alert: Kim Kardashian has $plash do staged pics, because, "Khloe is getting all the press!"

Nothing pisses Kim Kardashian off more than when the 'ugly Kardashian' Khloe gets more press than she does, I mean dang, Eminem even mentions 'ugly' Khloe in his new song Berzerk!
Kim has had just about enough of Khloe's marital woes, so she called Splash photo agency to do set up pics.
We've already seen troll doll North, so that's no big thrill, so she had to up the ante, by dying her hair blonde at the ends.
Ho hum ho hum, we don't really care Kim. Better put on that bikini to get Khloe level attention right now!