Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cake artist interviewed: "How I captured LeAnn Rimes' demonic quality" EXCLUSIVE

We hunted down the artist who fashioned the incredible likeness of LeAnn Rimes for her 31st birthday cake.
The pastry chef asked not to be identified, but told Exposarazzi EXCLUSIVELY that LeAnn did a sitting for the artistic rendering.
"We had her come in for about two hours last week and we took 360 degree Polaroid photos in order to get all the angles correctly. She tried on about 300 bikinis, and we chose this black bandeau top with sarong skirt. It took me about ten hours to sculpt the actual figures. When we looked at the Polaroids later, there was a strange demonic quality to her eyes which we knew was the key to getting this cake perfect.
For Eddie's cake figure, we used an old crash test dummy from the Kia car company and slapped some dark 5 o'clock shadow on the face. The frosting is made of chocolate Ex-Lax fondant, at the request of Ms Rimes."
Wow, added bonus of a clean colon after eating the cake.

Well, bravo! You are a cake BOSS!