Monday, September 9, 2013

No "X Factor"--20 years in the biz, and LeAnn Rimes has half the twitter followers as Carly Rose Sonenclar

LeAnn Rimes ruined Carly Rose Sonenclar's chance of winning The X Factor when she wobbled on stage and drooled her way through a duet of one of her horrid songs.
But it seems like Carly Rose, 14, is having the last laugh.
Look at how many twitter followers she has!
Our guess is that they are real fans and not just made up fake 'egg' accounts, extensions of LeAnn's multitude of personalities.
Add to that, we hear Carly Rose is actually selling out concert venues.
Way to kick a washed up 31-year old country crooner to the curb Carly Rose!
PS, if you want to see the actual moment Carly Rose eclipsed LeAnn Rimes, it's December 20, 2012, and it's HERE