Thursday, September 5, 2013

REVEALED--Britney Spears: Is her boyfriend under contract to date her?

When we first heard about David Lucado, he was described as someone who 'works at a law office.'
But as the days, weeks, and months go by, it's obvious that he doesn't have a J-O-B.
He's amazingly free to hang out with the former pop princess during the week, at night, weekends, for travel, movie openings, events, any old time.
It's funny that there was never a named law office employing him. "Mystery Law Firm," maybe? Non-existent we say.
This makes us think that he, like Jason Trawick before him, was selected by dad Jamie Spears to keep Britney out of trouble.
This is his J-O-B.
We believe he is paid for the service he is providing. Keeping her away from Sam Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib types and drugs and partying.
Trawick's contract expired, and whala, David Lucado appeared.
By the way, this new puppy of Britney's seems to be holding on for dear life, poor thing.
What happened to the TWO pooches she bought last year?