Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dumb & Dumber: Ever wonder what a conversation between a sober LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian consists of?

Exposarazzi had the extreme misfortune of sitting next to LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian on the beach in Malibu on July 6, 2011.
Of course, we were there to photograph them, you know, sneaky style; she in a bright red bikini, he in a pair of long blue board shorts.
Not all paparazzi jump out and harass celebs, some hide and blend in with the scenery.
Exposarazzi sat three feet away from them for over an hour, and let us tell you it was one of the most excruciating and longest 65 minutes in history.
For whatever reason, the horse-faced crooner had just been given a new digital camera and she was fascinated with the strange object.
She had it in a plastic bag because you see, sand is not good for cameras.

Here is a bit of their conversation:

LR: "I'm glad I put [the camera] in the bag. There's lots of sand."
EC: "Yeah, there's lots of sand."
LR: "I should read the instructions for this [camera]."
EC: "Yeah, you should read the instructions."
LR: "Wow, it's really hot!"
EC: "Yeah, it's hot."
LR: "Where's the paddle? [to go with paddle board] Is that it? [points to the sand where paddle has been partially covered]."
EC: "Yeah, that's it."
LR: "I did a practice shot on that dog over there, it came out good, see?"
EC: "Yeah, came out good."

I could go on, but we here at Exposarazzi value your mental health.
It was painfully apparent that Ed the airhead was something akin to a pet parrot, a master conversationalist, expert at repeating what was said to him.

It also became apparent why they needed alcohol, other couples, and family around in order to have 'fun.'
We fully expect this to be one of the most read Exposarazzi posts in its history.