Friday, October 12, 2012

Are celebrities "stickin' it" to the little people thru Twitter?

It's a fact, celebrities have more money than ordinary people. Even if they are washed up losers with a sitcom credit from 20 years ago, chances are they are getting steady residual checks which keep them financially afloat. It's also a fact that you can follow almost any celebrity Twitter account and you can see them livin' large, posing for pics in private jets (PDiddy) heading to exotic places, or just hangin' out at their pricey crib having a dip in their custom made pool while a pizza cooks in their custom outdoor oven. Kelly Osbourne just faced "fan" backlash for posting a pic of herself poolside at a resort in Hawaii. The Osbourne spawn claims resentful and jealous twitter followers lashed out and called her bad names. Denise Richards posted photos of her dog sleeping in her custom pizza oven and swimming in her custom pool and several commenters  told her to take a moment and realize how blessed she was to be living in such largesse. Yes --celebs are stickin' it to you folks!