Monday, October 22, 2012

Eddie Cibrian in Aspen, Colorado while his poor sick wifey keeps a stiff upper lip

Eddie Cibrian is deathly sick with the flu, he can barely move. That's what you are told by LeAnn Rimes on her twitter. Once again, the horse-faced country crooner is lying. If that's true, then how come a pretty, 19-year old female airport worker spotted the 39-year old actor with his guy friends at an airport in Denver, Colorado at the same time as the tweet? We love twitter for this reason, it's a great way to track rogue spouses like Eddie. Read Le's tweet about "tough couples," is she referring to troubles right now with Eddie's trip to Aspen?

LeAnn cried her eyes out during an interview with Katie Couric at the Four Seasons in LA on Saturday, October 20, and no hubby there to support her, he was over a thousand miles away with his buddies, and likely some women as well. So sad. Those "boys only" weekends used to be hoisted on Brandi Glanville, now LeAnn Rimes is getting a taste of it. Exposarazzi wants to know, was Eddie wearing his wedding ring?