Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Concert venues dumping LeAnn Rimes due to lack of sales

Abandon ship! Abandon ship! Concert venues across the country are canceling LeAnn Rimes' concerts due to lack of, and/or lackluster sales. That's no surprise really. Especially since she wants to charge her remaining ten fans $12.50 a pop to see photos of her and learn exclusive news items on her new Spitfire website. With her husband Eddie Cibrian out of work, LeAnn needs all the money she can get, guess those staged pics with Big Head Mike Kamara aren't selling like they used to! After 30-days in a fake "rehab" (aka her rental home in Hidden Hills) for social media and other addictions, LeAnn is back on twitter like a fiend, proving that like all things she does, she is FAKE, FAKE, FAKE. Oh, and that butterfly tattoo in her recent twitter pic? FAKE too...Pathetic attention getting device.