Friday, November 1, 2013

Thanksgiving: It brings out the worst in celebrities

Thanksgiving: a time to give thanks, gather with loved ones, eat lots of turkey, and watch sports on TV. 

But celebrities have a hard time doing things like 'normal' people, you see, they are 'ARTISTS' they are unique creatures capable of great, brilliant things, and the rest of us are just plodding stoopid peasants. DUH

The way famous people celebrate the holiday is by opening a can of serious whoop ass on each other. This is how their true artistry is allowed to be expressed. 

Thanksgiving 2009: Elin Woods used a golf club to tell her cheating no-good husband Tiger Woods, "Happy Turkey Day!" 

Thanksgiving 2012: Halle Berry asks her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry and current husband to engage in a Hunger Games type fight for survival on the front driveway of her West Hollywood home. Olivier Martinez, though shorter than his opponent, emerged victorious, claiming a second piece of pumpkin pie from the holiday feast. 

What will 2013 bring? We can't wait to see!