Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Why Jennifer Lopez will never win 'mother of the year'

Que bochinche!

These EXCL photos were taken on August 23, 2011.
Do these children look familiar?
They should, they are Jennifer Lopez' twins Max and Emme Muniz, then 3 1/2, with their two nannies.
This is the best help that JLo's millions can buy. 
These photos were shot thru auto glass so the nannies were unaware they were being watched, uh, snapped with the kids.
Emme is barefoot at a dirty McDonald's restaurant in Canoga Park, Calif.
Max is being roughed up by a particularly mean nanny, and was yelling, "I want my Daddy!" [referring to Marc Anthony] Interesting that Max didn't cry out for his famous mommy.
These photos ran originally as an EXCLUSIVE in the National Enquirer. Shortly after the expose hit the newsstands the nannies were seen no more with the twins.
So for those of you who think paparazzi and kids don't mix--with this set, we beg to differ...

Photo credit: KM Press Group