Monday, November 4, 2013

The curious case of Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen knows how to make headlines, he knows how to make pithy soundbites ("Winning!"), he knows how to start epic battles using every kind of media at his disposal. 
But we have a problem with Charlie. 
It started back when he got his High School girlfriend pregnant and then dumped the little girl (Cassandra) off with his parents Janet and Martin to raise. 
When his marriage to Denise Richards crashed and burned, he called Denise every name in the book when she refused to let their girls have unsupervised visits with him. "I have a highly capable fiancee," he said of Brooke Mueller at the time, trying to convince a family court judge of his fitness as a parent for visitations. 
Now, he doesn't think Brooke Mueller is 'capable' and he has Denise Richards raising their twin boys. 

That's not 'winning' that's just whining...Advice to Charlie, shut up, get your nuts clipped and keep money going flowing into your bank account to support all these children.