Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Blind item blogger Just Say Jenn says a recent photo of Eddie Cibrian's arm on LeAnn Rimes' twitter account can't possibly be 'the Cuban,' because he moved out and is living with his parents. 
Her reasoning? The arm doesn't have hair on it, can't be 'the cuban.' 

Have you ever freaking seen a photo of Eddie Cibrian?? 
He's Chippendale's smooth! Put the martini glass down and sober up ASAP. 
Now to be fair, since these are BLIND items, they may be referring to that other famous Cuban, Ricky Ricardo. 
Some of us have seen Mr Ed in person and he's as smooth as a baby's bottom. 
Far be it from Exposarazzi wanting to side with Horsey on anything, but we are on this one...
Horsey, we'll be over at noon to hang that Christmas wreath made entirely of Ex-Lax tabs.

Here's LeAnn's twitter photo: 
Here's Ed's arm sunbathing in Malibu