Friday, November 22, 2013

Grifters/scam artists Janice Dickinson and Stephen Lenehan try to con Rite Aid out of money with FALSE claim

Definition of 'grifter': swindler: a person who swindles you by means of deception or fraud

America's Next Top Grifter Janice Dickinson, 68, and constant her fag hag companion Stephen Lenehan, 54have something in common. Well, they have a lot in common, actually; both have filed for bankruptcy, and both are con-artist grifters. 
Back in the day, America's first crack head model Janice Dickinson 'borrowed' a $10,000 diamond necklace from an LA jeweler for an event--and never returned it. The jeweler was told by his attorney, "Don't bother to continue with this lawsuit, she's insolvent." Meaning, she had no real assets that could be seized to satisfy the judgment. 
So, Janice got away with her scam. She is also engaged to some old rich geezer nicknamed 'Rocky' who is likely so stupid he doesn't realize she and her bloated, scaly, clownish companion are draining his bank account. 
As for Stephen Loserhan, you can search on this site and see all of his scams, including one where he tried to blackmail Oscar winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black. Our favorite is when he tried to sell Black's private sex tape to two undercover agents in the middle of the Four Seasons bar in Beverly Hills during the cocktail hour. 
Now the gruesome twosome have set their sights on Rite Aid. 
We're hoping Rite Aid had cameras trained in the area where the supposed 'accident' took place. 
Let us take a wild guess Janice, the Loserhan is your 'eyewitness' to the tragedy? 
Let's not forget Janice's other big LIE, when she told Sylvester Stallone he was the father of her daughter Savannah, 19, which a paternity test later disproved. 

Let's get this straight. Janice files for BK in April of 2013, and 3 months later she has this 'accident' at Rite Aid? Laughable.