Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Stacy Keibler tries to stay in the public eye with staged pics with Startraks

We have no problem with Stacy Keibler doing set ups, except the whole scenario is so boring the only caption that Startraks can come up with is the dreaded "Out and about..." 
'Out and About' is the kiss of death caption for any set. 
Photo editors think, if you can't come up with a story here, we sure as hell can't!
Now that Stacy is best known as being #456 girl who dated George Clooney, we suggest her doing something in pics rather than just posing pretty. 
Jogging, roller blading, ice skating, using jumper cables to start her car battery, eating a burger, bungee jumping---something! 
Stacy and Startraks, you can do better, dammit!