Saturday, August 24, 2013

Why celebrities should boycott People magazine

The latest People magazine (September 2, 2013) has an entire issue devoted to celebrity children: "Celebs who have twins!" "Celeb kid look alikes" "Best dressed celeb kids" "Cutest Kids" "Adorable at every age" "Digital debuts" and the majority of these features omit the celeb parent entirely!
Idiots like Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner go stomping off to the Calif State Assembly to whine and moan about how paparazzi are literally shooting the sh*t out of their kids, on cue tears streaming down their faces, pleading, "make it stop!"
Here's a tip Halle and Jen, tell People magazine to stop putting a bounty on your kids' heads. Tell them at one of your press junkets when you're begging for them to give a good write up to your latest box office bomb.
Newsflash: As long as their is someone buying, there will be someone snapping.