Friday, August 30, 2013

Decoding Horsey's tweet: Bonus son got me sick, that's why I'm not going to yodel in Wyoming--but see you at the Malibu Carnival!

Once you get to know the mentally ill singer that is Margaret LeAnn Rimes, you can easily de-code her tweets with deft swiftness.
Let us analyze her latest tweet:

Now, in this tweet we learn that Horsey is very sick. But why? Can it be that one of her back to school bonus son's gave her the ailment?
She has accused them of that in the past.
In this case Mason, 10, bears the brunt of the tweet.
Due to this catastrophic diagnosis, two venues in Wyoming will have to do without the somber pitchy yodelings of Le.
She had two gigs there, one today, Friday, and one tomorrow.
Now, she alleges that chicken broth and mash potatoes are what she needs to get better.

A MIRACULOUS thing will happen in the next 24 hours. Horsey will be completely cured!

She will be photographed with Mr Ed taking the Cibrian boys to the annual carnival in Malibu, with staged photos to document the occasion.
So to you poor dumb saps in Wyoming who actually bought tickets to see this train wreck, take two aspirins and don't call Horsey in the morning.