Sunday, August 25, 2013

Plight of X17 pap agency--We can't afford to send a pap to Mexico, please HELP

The owner of X17 Francois Navarre, nicknamed "Regis" once bragged to the LA Times that he and his wife were so rich they flew everywhere via private jet.
This came as shocking news to the army of photographers who were handing in their photos every week, living in their beat up cars, and barely scraping by.
Many paps left X17, leaving them with a rag tag crew of Brazilan douchies and other stragglers to limp around LA in search of Britney Spears, Paris Jackson and Miley Cyrus.
But wait-- X17 has a new plan, one where civilians shoot photos of celebs in exotic places and just send them into their office. THEY PAY CA$H!
That has to work, right?
The owner supposedly flies everywhere by private jet but he can't afford to send a single photographer (many of whom conveniently speak Spanish) to Cabo San Lucas to snap a bikini clad Jennifer Aniston and her fiance?

Our professional opinion? Something still stinks over at X17...