Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jennifer Garner to paparazzi: Take my picture! No, don't take my picture! Take my picture --dammit!

Jennifer Garner joined Halle Berry today to urge California lawmakers to make paparazzi go away.
You see, Jen and Halle can't believe that grown men with backpacks and long lenses want to follow them to their children's schools and karate lessons.
How did this happen?
Funny, but Garner smiles a lot for those misbegotten fools who traipse behind her day after day, we think she wants her picture taken.
Here's some advice, Jen.
MOVE out of LA, you're a movie star, so is your husband, you don't have a TV series that requires you to live here. Bruce Willis and Demi Moore at the height of their collective fame moved their family to a crap town in Idaho.
Or, wear a hat and sunglasses, keep your head down, give the middle finger, ruin the photos.
Halle, that goes for you as well.