Monday, August 26, 2013

TMZ's source for Lamar Odom bashing posts is...drumroll...Harvey Levin's BFF Kris Jenner! Surprise!

Okay, so you're not surprised. They've been pals for years, in fact, they would even sit together at the OJ Simpson trial back in 1995.
But isn't it amazing that Lamar Odom managed to not do crack cocaine during the basketball season and only got hooked on it after the season was over-- for two years in a row?
How does that work?
NBA players face random and organized drug testing, so TMZ had to alter Kris Jenner's original gossip to fit reality.
The truth is, Lamar was cheating on Princess Sasquatch (Khloe) and the Kartrashian Klan is humiliated. So, they're off to ruin what's left of Lamar Odom's basketball career, virtually insuring no one will hire him for the 2013-2014 season.
Proving that nothing good comes from hooking up with a Kardashian...(ask Kris Humphries, if you can find him)