Monday, July 21, 2014

Truly Delusional! LeAnn Rimes performs at casino in Hallandale, FL but thanks Miami on her twitter

LeAnn Rimes wants you to think she's a real BIG SHOT! 
On July 19th she took to her twitter to thank Miami, FL for being such a great crowd. 
One little problem, she didn't perform in Miami, or even Miami-Dade County, she was in Hallandale, in Broward County, yodeling for the casino crowd at the dumpy 'slots 'R Us' Mardi Gras. 
But y'all, in her defense, Miami sounds more glamorous, and who'd bother to take the time to look it up? 
Exposarazzi, that's who--you dumb Beyotch! 

This is from LeAnn Rimes own website: