Sunday, January 5, 2014

Kaley Cuoco & Ryan Sweeting: Countdown to divorce in three, two, one...

Professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting--let us stop there. 
You've never heard of him before he started dating Kaley Cuoco, right? But he IS ranked #677 for singles players in the world, that status should have him raking in millions of $--NOT. 
When paparazzi shot photos of a brand new BMW being dropped off at Kaley's home, they assumed she had purchased the pricey ride for Ryan, and they were right of course. 
But Ryan, who had no idea hooking up with the Big Bang Theory actress would come with the added aggravation of photographers following them everywhere 24/7 took to his twitter to counter their photo caption: 

This idiot is lucky if he can get a job as a 'pro' at a country club, that is if they are into hiring someone who has a DUI and drug arrest in their past. 

Now to Kaley, she did buy that car, he lives in her home, has no job, no endorsements, he's a loser and she's going to file for divorce in the next 18-months. 
Look how thrilled Ryan is to be sitting next to his wife with FLOOR seats of the Lakers game on January 3? Right, like we said...
Guess what Ryan, those same annoying "idiot" photographers will catch you cheating as well, just a heads up!