Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Kendra Wilkinson's Holiday Photo FLUB!

The entire media missed this-- all those people paid big bucks to sit at desks and study photos, and it just makes us laugh and laugh here at Exposarazzi. 
They wrote about this photo, but never really looked at it, just copied whatever their competitors did, verbatim. 

Notice anything abnormal about Kendra Wilkinson's family Christmas photo? 
We did. 
Let's see, Little Hank, 4, is in his Spider Man pajamas, hubby Hank is in his long Johns, but what's that Kendra is wearing? A 2-piece flannel sleepwear set with a PRICE TAG dangling from the left wrist! 
Either Kendra was in such a rush to throw on the outfit for the photo op she forgot, or her intention is to return the garment afterwards and get her money back. 
Either way, I'm sure if she knew she would really "LOL."